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Pure titanium body and piston end
Flat wide loop band reduces risk of pressure points. Loop is designed to control heat transfer to the incus mucosa.
Crimp-free coupling: Three laser activated ThermoActive activation zones. Elasticity of the activation zones ensures uniformly attachment. Four contact zones interface with the surface of the mucosa.


  • CliP made of shape memory heat activated nitinol
  • Self-retaining
  • Standardized coupling
  • Crimp-free coupling
  • Rounded distal end of the prosthesis
  • Rounded between the piston segment and the loop area
  • Fixed length availability
  • Distal end diameter 0.4 and 0.6 mm
  • Piston surgical technique
  • MR conditional for the future: 7.0 Tesla

Product Information


The NiTiBOND Stapes Prosthesis is a crimp-free prosthesis, that combines proven properties of CliP Stapes Prostheses with the benefits of shape memory heat activated nitinol. Extensive experience in the development of stapes prostheses, knowledge of the middle ear, creates the basis for a geometry of the unique nitinol loop making it suitable for almost all incus sizes.

The nitinol loop has four integrated contact zones, conforming to the asymmetrical dimensions of the incus. Additionally, the loop also features three independent activation zones which keep thermal transfer from the mucosa surface during laser activation. These activation zones can be sequentially closed producing a custom coupling to the individualized incus.

The laser settings are determined outside the middle ear with the aid of the Thermo-Dummy. The dummy is delivered together with the NiTiBOND.

Developed in close collaboration with the ORL Clinic of the University Hospital Zuerich and the Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.


  • Suitable for almost all incus sizes
  • Reduced risk of pressure points
  • Minimized head transfer to the mucosa
  • Reduced risk in laser setup

Ordering Information

Ordering Information - ∅ 0.4 mm


∅ 0.4 mm

3.50 1007 103
3.75 1007 104
4.00 1007 105
4.25 1007 106
4.50 1007 107
4.75 1007 108
5.00 1007 109
5.50 1007 111


-Pure Titanium (ASTM F67 Medical Grade)


Band Loop width: 0.25 mm


Ordering Information - ∅ 0.6 mm


∅ 0.6 mm

3.50 1007 153
3.75 1007 154
4.00 1007 155
4.25 1007 156
4.50 1007 157
4.75 1007 158
5.00 1007 159
5.50 1007 161


-Pure Titanium (ASTM F67 Medical Grade)


Band Loop width: 0.25 mm

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