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Central guide perforation that fits the stem of a KURZ Total Prosthesis


  • Material: Sterilizable instrument quality stainless steel
  • Robust design for frequent use
  • Cartilage Punch in Instrument Tray
Stabilizing cartilage shoe centeres prosthesis position on the footplate

Cartilage slice with total prosthesis in-situ

Image courtesy of K.B. Hüttenbrink, Cologne, Germany

Product Information


 With the aid of a stabilizing shoe made of cartilage a total prosthesis can be positioned centrally and retained on the stapes footplate. In this way the surgeon counteracts a potential postoperative dislocation. 


KURZ developed the Cartilage Punch in an effort to reproduce a more consistent option for stabilizing of total prostheses. The instrument enables the surgeon to make small oval cartilage slices intraoperatively, swiftly, and in a single step. The center perforation is intended for KURZ Total Prostheses with a circular hollow stem.



  • Easy, fast production of an oval cartilage slice for optimal stabilization of KURZ® AERIAL total prostheses on the stapes footplate
  • Additional stability and optimized fit

Ordering Information

Ordering Information - Cartilage Punch
Cartilage Punch incl. Instrument Tray 8000 200

Material: Sterilizable instrument quality stainless steel 


Ordering Information - Replacement Parts
Instrument Tray incl. Inlay 8000 176
Spring 8000 198
Plastic Base POM (black) 8000 207

Material: Sterilizable instrument quality stainless steel 


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