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Tapered pin for individual expansion of the BELL on KURZ partial prostheses to fit unique dimension of the stapes head: gives uniform pressure on the bell.
Slot to position prosthesis stem.
Thumbscrew to adjust degree of expansion.


  • For individual expansion of the bell on KURZ partial prostheses
  • Material: Sterilizable instrument quality stainless steel
  • Robust design for frequent use

Product Information


Elegant designs make it possible to adapt KURZ middle ear prostheses to unique anatomical conditions by bending. Stems are easily angulated and bells can be modified to a more open position in the presence of enlarged capitulums adding to a more consistent predictable sizing.

For individual expansion of the bell on partial prostheses, KURZ offers a special BELL Expander. This tool uniformly expands any KURZ BELL implant to fit unique dimension of stapes heads while reserving the integrity of the materials.

Consequently, the implanted prosthesis is fitted securely and the anatomically shaped bell can transmit incoming sound directly to the articular surface of the stapes.

The degree of expansion is adjusted by using a thumbscrew on the head of the BELL Expander. The prosthesis stem is positioned into the special slot, whereby the bell is pointing upward. A tapered pin exerts uniform pressure on the bell and expands it gently.


  • Standardized procedure to expand BELL in KURZ partial prostheses
  • Prostheses fit unique dimension of stapes heads

Ordering Information

Ordering Information - BELL Expander
BELL Expander 8000 107

Material: Sterilizable instrument quality stainless steel 


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