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An interesting event: 13th Annual LION Live Surgical Broadcast

Bolognas university is known as the oldest university in Europe

This year's LION web was interesting as always. There were live surgeries and online discussions throughout the day. Surgeons from all around the world took place at this event.


Many different prostheses were used and we were happy to have one of ours (the NiTiBOND) being used in a surgery by Dr. Huber, Zurich, Switzerland. Furthermore, we want to thank Dan Batsch from the UK for the information he provided about the surgery and our prosthesis and also want to thank him for the pictures he took of the surgery.

New Studies on the NiTiBOND Stapes Prosthesis

New Studies on the NiTiBOND Stapes Prosthesis are now available.


For further information please click here.

Updated list with scientific papers abstracts

There are new studies including some of our prostheses now available. Thus, we have updated our list with scientific papers abstracts. 

Please find the links to relevant abstracts underneath the respective product. In addition, you can download the whole list as PDF when clicking here