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Heinz Kurz GmbH - medical technology

The human hearing is one of the wonders of Nature. Its immense complexity and precision makes it a challenge for medical science. When the middle ear is affected KURZ implants can help with their high-tech engineering to transfer the acoustic signal from the tympanic membrane to the inner ear. Our aim has always been to produce the best possible medical and technical solutions available in this field. Thanks to our know-how, inspired creativity and southern German spirit of discovery our products are - and will continue to be - what we have always been proud of: State-of-the-art quality, made in Dusslingen.

Making sound sense of Hearing – HEINZ KURZ GMBH

Research & Development

A well-established understanding of the middle ear mechanics in conjunction with the latest clinical research represents the basis of our innovative developments. To achieve this, we work closely together with leading national and international scientists, surgeons and engineers. Moreover, KURZ products are subject to extensive measurement and simulation testing

Our aim is to achieve best possible hearing results for the patient and contributes to facilitate the implantation for the surgeon.

This is why we design our prostheses in numerous types and offer ideal solutions also in challenging anatomical situations.

We are quite proud of the fact that leading national and international scientists, medical experts and engineers have scrutinized our products in independent studies for over the past twenty years.


The elegant design of the KURZ prostheses often probes the limits of feasibility. Its manufacturing process requires highest precision and utmost care. Stringent inspections ensure compliance with highest quality standards.


Moreover, an intensive cleaning process results in an extremely pure surface. This contributes toward ensuring irritation-free contact with the sensitive mucosa and helps to prevent inflammations and granulomas which can develop as a result of residues or dirt particles. Long-term usage is achieved by MRI safety tests with potential future Tesla strengths (up to 7.0 T).